Seeya later, aligator!

A giant crocodile was finally captured last week in Uganda, after a decades-long rampage that left up to 83 people dead.

The sixteen-foot-long killer croc weighed a full ton and was believed to be 60 years old. Animal experts refused to speculate on how the creature came to Africa from the New York City sewer system, into which 97% of the world's mutant-sized crocs and gators are flushed as babies when their owners no longer find them cute.

According to early reports, the giant croc let out a roar as it was captured. Later examination proved the sound to be the death cry of an 800-pound lion that the croc had swallowed in its sleep.

After the giant croc is processed and accidentally killed, its body will be shipped to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, to be displayed alongside Buddy the Lobster is a growing exhibit of freakishly oversized creature remains.

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